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Jet lag is something inevitable about the flight to Australia. It’s an exhausting consequence of changing to a different time zone. It is also said to be associated with the lower levels of oxygen we experience during air travel.

Mum was recently contacted by a Mum’s gone 2 Aus reader travelling from the UK to Australia with a three month old baby. Establishing a regular eating and sleeping routine for a baby is no easy thing, so the thought … Read more

Thai flag

The travel path around Thailand in South East Asia is well worn by backpackers, students on a gap year or those later in life on a career break. When Mr Mum’s gone 2 Aus and I had a career break in 2004 Bangkok became our home away from home, and Thailand one of our favourite places in the world.

Six years later, relocating from the UK to Australia, Thailand was the perfect stopover destination. The backpacks had gathered … Read more

Getting around

We like to think that Family Mum’s gone 2 Aus is fairly well travelled, and if we haven’t stayed somewhere with the children we might have visited as backpackers. We’re also fortunate to have friends who have lived and worked all over the world; if we haven’t stayed somewhere directly, we know a family who have.

We’re starting our Australian stopover series with Thailand. Over the past ten years, and before living in Australia, it has been our … Read more

Baby flight

Flying with a baby can feel daunting, particularly the first time. Around this time of year many parents will be planning flights with their little ones. Whether you’re relocating or visiting on holiday the flights to and from Australia are the trickiest. Here are some useful tips, and responses to common questions parents have when travelling with small children.

Should you travel with a pushchair?

A while ago some friends in the UK asked whether they should take … Read more

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Peanut Gallery

Many families are departing on holiday at this time of year; several of my friends in Australia are preparing to travel to their country of origin to visit family and friends for Christmas.

In October, Mum wrote about Travelling with children – six products you shouldn’t fly without. This list is based on products we purchased in the UK before travelling to Aus and is very useful if you’re about to make a long journey, particularly with … Read more