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MUST read before moving to Aus

Drum roll please…it’s here!

If you are relocating to Australia with children, Mum’s new essential ebook is your MUST read before making the move.

If you’ve just arrived in Aus and are overwhelmed by the decisions and challenges ahead, read our ebook now and say goodbye to stress.

Mum’s Essential Ebook for parents is available today for only $AU12.

Our Essential Ebook includes revisions to our previously published ebooks “A Smooth Switch to Australian … Read more

Leave sand at the beach

Officially, this is Mum’s second summer in Aus. We arrived in January last year so enjoyed the end of the 2009 – 2010 summer. This gave us the opportunity to pick up tips and tricks to survive the sand this year. I’ve also asked friends, who are more seasoned Aussie beach goers, for their ideas – special thanks to them.

1. Use a Tubtrug to carry toys – I picked this tip up from an … Read more