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The easy part of family relocation

Family relocation is tough for a stay at home mum (SAHM). There is much to organise in packing up one home, and settling into another. Doing so with children in tow gives hectic a whole new spin. SAHMs have school places to research, and children’s health issues to coordinate. If you tackle this whilst maintaining a happy and calm environment for the kids, you’ve done well.

The emotional side of family relocation also takes … Read more

Over the fence

For Brits moving to Australia, or even thinking about Australia for whatever reason, whenever you hear the word ‘neighbours’ the theme tune to the popular Aussie TV soap opera with the same name, probably jingles through your head. Mum can be caught humming it as she walks down the street waving to ‘lady with the best kept council strip’ and nodding her head to ‘man with the big blue car’. I only stop humming when I stop … Read more

Helpful Books

Mum’s Australian relocation bookstore is open for business. Our bookstore provides a listing of books that will help with your move to Oz; from the planning and preparation, to getting settled, and helping your children get to know their new home. Our bookstore lists books that Mum has personally used or that have been recommended by friends, family and Mum’s gone 2 Aus readers.

Mum plans to publish bookstore articles every Monday until we’ve covered all the different … Read more

All the decisions!

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Yes, no, yes...

During the first weeks of our relocation to Australia I was overwhelmed by the number of decisions we had to make.

Everything that makes up your life in your country of origin has taken years to evolve. From the bank you use, to the daily newspaper you read, and doctor you visit; you didn’t make these selections on the same day, or week, and weren’t under any time pressure to decide. OK, you can enjoy the process … Read more

A series

We’ve had a few celebrations recently at Mum’s gone 2 Aus; our 100th article, our first Christmas in Australia, and now the one year anniversary of our move. This week it is a year since we arrived from the UK to live in Sydney, following a six week stopover in Thailand.

We knew the first year would be challenging. We didn’t know what those challenges would be, but having lived overseas before we knew we couldn’t … Read more


Mum has spoken about UK immigration events before and wrote about the Down Under Live events last September; they’re running again this year: Feb 26th and 27th (Birmingham) and March 5th and 6th (London).

In addition to this, if you live in the UK and need help planning your move to Australia, or want to know if you’re eligible for a visa, seminars are being held this January in Guildford and Leeds.

The Guildford “Your move to AustraliaRead more

Salt of the earth...

The aim of this blog is to help mums who are moving to Australia, or thinking about the relocation. Mum is originally from the UK so when the site was created we expected British mums (and dads) to be our primary readers, but hoped English speaking parents from anywhere in the world would find it useful.

Australian Immigration Statistics – Where are you from?

In First impressions part one: Cultural diversity Mum mentioned how well represented … Read more