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Australian Uggs

When Ugg boots became fashionable in London Mum wasn’t instantly convinced. Admittedly it was their coupling with skinny jeans that caused me the most concern. However, over the years Uggs have grown on me and since living in Sydney I am truly sold on the warmth and comfort benefits. There’s also the fact that in and around Sydney it’s hard to walk a few paces without passing an Ugg shop.

I have written before about the harshness of Read more

Happy Australia Day!

As we set up the BBQs and chill our Australia Day beers we wonder what it is that you like about living in Australia. The theme of this year’s Australia Day is “Celebrate what’s great!” – what is great about Aus?

A few months ago we explained why we love our children’s life in Australia and earlier this week we shared Five things Australia does better (in our opinion); something else we think Aussies should celebrate about … Read more


Part of the joy of moving to Australia, or any new country, is learning about the quirks of the local culture and way of life. In Australia there’s plenty to learn, wherever you have moved from. Here’s Mum’s pick of the best articles that will help you get a feel for the quirks of life down under;

1. Top seven Aussie foods for you (and the kids) to try…

2. Five things that (still) surprise us about Australia…

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Watch ImmiTV

Throughout our dealings with the Australian Department of Immigration and Citizenship, in London and in Sydney, we’ve always found the department well run, and staffed by professional people. Given the levels of immigration to Australia, the Department ought to be good at what they do, but it makes a pleasant surprise for immigrants when staff are friendly and procedures clearly followed.

It’s no wonder that such a slick Department has embraced the use of social media and … Read more

Any maypoles in Aus?

In two week’s time, on 18th June, Mum’s gone 2 Aus will be one year old. Happy Birthday to Mum! To celebrate our first birthday we’re planning a face lift, a give away, and the first Mum’s gone 2 Aus meet up. We’ll also continue to write informative, helpful and inspirational articles for mums who have moved to Aus, or would like to.

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Keep safe

I’ve written about sea safety several times before; regular readers probably realise that I’m a bit of a worrier when it comes to the sea. Because I didn’t grow up by the coast I feel uneasy about swimming in the sea, and the fact that our children are growing up to be such beach bums.

The reason we moved to Sydney is to enjoy the beach lifestyle so I’m not complaining and wouldn’t have it any other way, … Read more

What's the time Mr Wolf?

I’m a mum who loves routine. For the first six months of my first son’s life we lived in complete, overwhelming chaos. My son ate when he wanted, slept when he fell asleep in transit, and had me hopping out of bed almost hourly during the night. Then I decided to take this mothering lark seriously and read some books about sleeping and eating routines.

The two baby books that had the most affect on … Read more