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Pass the tissues...

Feeling homesick might not mean the same to me as it does to you. What I mean by feeling truly homesick is that moment of stomach churning sadness when you hold back the tears and wish you could be somewhere else, or see someone special to you.

Most days I don’t have these feelings. I’m happy with the new life we’ve built in Australia and I’m usually too busy to think about the past. On occasions something … Read more

A series

We’ve had a few celebrations recently at Mum’s gone 2 Aus; our 100th article, our first Christmas in Australia, and now the one year anniversary of our move. This week it is a year since we arrived from the UK to live in Sydney, following a six week stopover in Thailand.

We knew the first year would be challenging. We didn’t know what those challenges would be, but having lived overseas before we knew we couldn’t … Read more

Second prize!

Every year, Save the Children researches the state of mothers across the globe. The State of the World’s Mothers Report presents the conclusions of this research. Save the Children point out that the report “reminds us of the inextricable link between the well-being of mothers and their children”.

The good news for mums living in or moving to Aus is that according to the report, Australia is the second best place in the world to be a mum, … Read more


Mum finished October feeling excited that Mum’s gone 2 Aus is gaining such a good following. There’s been so much happening, just talking about it in this wrap-up makes me feel tired, or perhaps it’s because my two year old won’t sleep past 6am? But that’s another story…

Mum’s gone 2 Aus reader stats are doubling each month which means we’re helping more people than ever with their relocation to Aus, and that’s what it’s all about.

Products you

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When doing my weekly grocery shop, I’ve realised that Nestlé products appear to be more prevalent in Australia than in the UK. This is my personal perception. Perhaps it’s a question of time before I get to know other brands, but I’m increasingly aware of Nestlé’s dominance in producing the packets and containers of food I pick up.

In the UK, I wasn’t a fierce campaigner, but throughout my adult life I’ve chosen the alternative to Nestlé, if one … Read more


Following on from Top ten online tools for expats, part one – staying in touch, here are the other web tools Mum has used since moving down under. This includes tools for sending greeting cards, getting a job, and more…

1. Moonpig – Greeting cards can be ordered and sent worldwide via Moonpig. The bonus of this site for Mum is that cards for UK recipients are printed and sent from the UK. Because the timezone in Australia … Read more


Since moving to Australia I’ve relied on a number of online tools as information resources, and for practical tasks such as staying in touch with friends and family elsewhere in the world. While expats physically move around the globe, one thing that remains the same is the Internet. Mum’s top ten online tools for expats is divided into to two parts;

Part one – staying in touch

  • Webmail
  • Facebook
  • Sykpe
  • Picasa
  • YouTube

Part two – other useful stuff

  • Moonpig
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