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Family life in Sydney on the www

When relocating to a new country and city the Internet is an indispensible source of information and provides essential knowledge about your new home. Getting to know as much as possible about the city you will be living in helps you get settled more quickly.

Under the NSW\Sydney section of Mum’s gone 2 Aus we have a number of articles that are specific to family relocation to Sydney. In addition to our articles … Read more

Taking care

In The challenges of making friends once you’re a parent we talked about the tricky process of setting up a friendship circle for Mum and Dad once you’ve relocated to Australia, or anywhere else in the world. We shared our top “making friends” tips for relocating parents and one of these tips was; “Don’t be tight with babysitting”. We recommended assigning a monthly budget to babysitting so that you can treat yourselves to grown up nights out with … Read more

We are Sydneysiders

Mr Mum’s gone 2 Aus tells me I’m a little behind the times but this week I heard Fitzy & Wippa’s Sydneysiders song for the first time, and it had me in stitches! We have watched the video several times since first hearing the song and it provides a clever and fun take on Sydney life.

Fitzy & Wippa are well known Australian radio and TV personalities, currently hosting the weekday morning show (6-9am) at Nova FMRead more

In today’s Photo Friday we’re sharing a photo of our first homemade Australian Advent Calendar. For the past few years, including our first Christmas in Australia, we have purchased or been given chocolate advent calendars.

Besides the fact that I don’t like the children (or myself) eating chocolate first thing in the morning (which invariably happens with chocolate advent calendars), we realised last December that chocolate calendars don’t suit the Sydney summer. The chocolate behind the later days in December … Read more

Our Father...

We believe we’re lucky to have arrived in Sydney with preschoolers. We lived here for a year before our eldest son started school. Compared to other families, we had plenty of time to get to know different suburbs and investigate the reputations of the schools where we live.

Before we left the UK we had a public school in mind for our eldest, in Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs, but when we got here we couldn’t find long term rental … Read more

Love where you live?

One of the most difficult decisions to make, about moving to a new country or city, is where to live. It’s all very well saying you’re going to move from your country, state or city of origin to Sydney, Melbourne, Perth or Brisbane, but once you get there you need to determine exactly where you’re going to call home, and the decision will involve researching a broad range of different suburbs and locations.

One of the … Read more

Where to go?

Deciding whether to live in Sydney or Melbourne is a common dilemma for people moving to Australia. There are other popular destinations like Brisbane, Perth and Adelaide; but when browsing forums and surfing the Internet, the question of whether to move to Sydney or Melbourne arises most frequently.

When we planned our move to Aus we thought we’d move to Melbourne. That’s where we have most friends, and people told us we’d prefer Melbourne because it’s like … Read more