If you are moving to Australia with school age children, arranging a smooth transition to Australian education will be your top priority. For many families, finding the right school is the first step in working out where to live. At Mum’s gone 2 Aus we’ve covered practical information and advice on selecting and starting school in Australia, and shared first-hand experience about adjusting to school down under. We haven’t forgotten younger siblings, there’s plenty on childcare and preschool too!

Everything you need to know about the Australian education system and starting school in Australia

The first question many parents have…does Australia have a national curriculum? Enrolling in Australian School – state by state cut-off dates and useful links. Help for parents selecting schools in Australia – the Australian government’s My School Website. Mum’s gone 2 Aus Essential Ebook for families relocating to Australia contains everything you need to know about the Australian education system. Mum’s gone 2 Aus Essential Ebook for families relocating to Australia also helps you choose schools and suburbs.
The Moving Book: A Kids\' Survival Guide Depending where you live in Australia, temporary residents pay Government Public School tuition fees – temporary residents may also pay an additional levy at systemic Catholic schools. Australian schooling: the things we know now – one year after moving to Australia we’ve got Kiss & Go and Handball covered! Handwriting styles and fonts used in Australian schools – state by state information. Moving House Sticker Book [With Over 50 Stickers] (Usborne First Experiences)
Finding a preschool in Sydney is no easy task, but Mum’s here to help! Read Mum’s top tips on finding a preschool in Sydney. The Sydney Morning Herald Good Suburbs Guide Moving to Sydney, why we chose Catholic schooling for our children. Our best selling ebook is aimed at kids…The ABC of Australian Schooling (100+ terms and procedures used in Australian schools) Starting school in Australia – what to buy and things to pack in the school bag, for buying school uniforms you’ll also need to understand children’s clothes sizing in Australia.
School readiness in Australia – is your child ready to start school down under? Working with children checks – we explain the legal requirements that need to be met when working with children in Australia. Before starting school – childcare terminology and trends in Australia. Invaluable tips on finding quality childcare in Australia.
Stuck on You
The Things I Love About School Six books to read together about starting school – these books are suitable for preschoolers wherever they’re starting school. Also invaluable, wherever in the world your little one is staring school – tips for a stress free first day at school. Mum and family’s story – why we feel that starting school age 4.5 is not a disaster. Extracurricular activities in Australia – winter and summer sports.

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We also provide essential ebooks to help with your move;

  • Mum’s Essential Ebook for families with children moving to Australia, 107 pages of critical information and advice on the Australian education system, choosing schools and suburbs in Australia, managing your Australian family budget, Australian tax matters, finding work, and health and safety Aussie-style – a MUST read if you’re moving to Aus with kids.
  • The ABC of Australian Schooling – The ABC of Australian Schooling is essential reading for parents, teachers and students moving to Australia. The aim of the book is to teach children the common terminology and procedures used in Australian schools. The ABC of Australian Schooling contains 28 pages and 104 terms relating to school life in Australia, each word is supported by an illustration or image to help you feel confident about going to school in Australia.

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