Relocating your family to Australia can be an emotional and stressful time for the toughest of mums (and dads). Since launching Mum’s gone 2 Aus we’ve experienced and shared the ups and downs of setting up our new life in Sydney. We have gained a huge amount of support when sharing articles about our different relocation emotions from our first weeks in Australia to today, over two years later. Whatever stage you’re at with your Australian relocation, grab a box of tissues and get reading!

Australian relocation: You may feel overwhelmed, lonely and home-sick but you’re not alone!

Two years on: the then and now of our relocation emotions – food for thought and encouragement if you’ve just arrived in Australia.

Living and Working in Australia: A Survival Handbook (Survival Handbooks) (Living & Working in Australia)

New to Aus? You’re not alone… highlights the volume of families migrating to Australia, particularly from Europe. Despite the path to Aus being well worn we found it tough to make friends: The challenges of making friends once you’re a parent.

Through the good times and bad we often reflect on Why we love our children’s lives in Australia – for us, the beach lifestyle is the best thing about living in Sydney.

Transitions Abroad article: adapting to life overseas discusses the different types and stages of your relocation emotions. We touched on this again in LIVING in Australia – nearly two years on. Things get easier with time.

All mums reading our blog agree that Relocating as a stay at home mum (SAHM) is tough.

If you’re  at the early stages of your family relocation read this and know that the emotions you are experiencing are VERY normal.

How do you cope when you’re feeling homesick? We share tips and confirm that people-sickness never fades. We also ask  Is your heart jet lagged?

Moving House Sticker Book [With Over 50 Stickers] (Usborne First Experiences)

We were overwhelmed by decision making but our initial months in Australia did have their perks: Why I loved our first months in Australia.

Down Under

Do we feel settled and feel like we belong in Australia? We have started to answer YES to these questions but explain that Moving to Australia doesn’t change where you’re from.

Our first Australian holiday made us appreciate what we’ve achieved and helped us feel more settled: Feeling settled in Australia: does absence make the heart grow fonder?

On a more positive note we asked Does moving abroad make you more flexible? We think it does.

TRUNKI Tipu The Tiger Trunki

In What did you give up to move to Australia? we talk about the loss of financial security caused by a big relocation…we’re still getting over the extra expenses.

We recently re-read our first impressions of Sydney in Mum’s gone 2 Sydney: First impressions series and in many ways feel the same way about our beautiful, multicultural home. Sydney for Kids Here are those first impressions…

The Sydney Morning Herald Good Suburbs Guide

Deciding when our son should start school in Australia caused a great deal of soul searching, and discussion on the blog:

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  • Mum’s Essential Ebook for families with children moving to Australia, 107 pages of critical information and advice on the Australian education system, choosing schools and suburbs in Australia, managing your Australian family budget, Australian tax matters, finding work, and health and safety Aussie-style – a MUST read if you’re moving to Aus with kids.
  • The ABC of Australian Schooling – The ABC of Australian Schooling is essential reading for parents, teachers and students moving to Australia. The aim of the book is to teach children the common terminology and procedures used in Australian schools. The ABC of Australian Schooling contains 28 pages and 104 terms relating to school life in Australia, each word is supported by an illustration or image to help you feel confident about going to school in Australia.

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