Family Mum’s gone 2 Aus moved from London to Sydney in January 2010, we’ve published a number of essential articles for families relocating to Sydney. If you’re moving to, visiting, or just interested in family life in Sydney, you’ll find everything you need in the articles below.

Family relocation to Sydney – tips, advice and things to do

We arrived in Sydney in January 2010 and quickly shared our first impressions;

Live & Work in Australia: The most accurate, practical and comprehensive guide to living and working in Australia In Where to live in Sydney: the best Sydney suburbs for families we got the ball rolling by listing nine of the suburbs we looked at. Over 30 comments from readers tell you about other suburbs to consider. In our Love where you live competition we received comments from more Sydneysiders who explain why they love where they live…plenty more food for thought if you’re deciding where to live in Sydney. Check out our Sydney vs Melbourne fast facts – it’s common to compare two of Australia’s best known cities.
Public transport in Sydney – for commuters and kids – use our guide to help you get about Sydney and decide where to live. Renting property in Australia – our top tips are invaluable if you’re looking for a new home in Sydney. The Sydney Morning Herald Good Suburbs Guide Seven of the best Sydney activities for families – beaches, parks and aquatic centres. Frommer\'s Sydney Day by Day (Frommer\'s Day by Day - Pocket)
Sydney Explorer: The Complete Residents' Guide (Residents' Guides) Australia’s outstanding performance in a global liveability study – Sydney is in the top ten! Public BBQs are a way of life in Australia – you’ll use plenty in Sydney. Top ten things to do in Sydney with visitors – iconic sights, ferry rides and other attractions. Sydney for Kids
It’s a reality of life in Australia that you may find spiders and other creepy crawlies in your Sydney home – we explain how to deal with them.

Australia's Dangerous Creatures: For Dummies Sydney loves a festival! There is always something to do in Sydney…

Moving House (Usborne First Experiences) The City 2 Surf is an annual running event in Sydney and the largest race in the world. Will you make it part of your life in Sydney? It’s great fun doing the City 2 Surf as a family too.
Babies Proms is an annual event at the Sydney Opera House – great musical and theatre fun for the whole family, whether you’re moving to Sydney or visiting on holiday. Dr Rip's Essential Beach Book: Everything You Need to Know About Surf, Sand and Rips Beach lifestyle is big in Sydney and you might need some tips on surviving the sand Down Under Sea and sun safety are always taken seriously in Sydney;

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We also provide essential ebooks to help with your move;

  • Mum’s Essential Ebook for families with children moving to Australia, 107 pages of critical information and advice on the Australian education system, choosing schools and suburbs in Australia, managing your Australian family budget, Australian tax matters, finding work, and health and safety Aussie-style – a MUST read if you’re moving to Aus with kids.
  • The ABC of Australian Schooling – The ABC of Australian Schooling is essential reading for parents, teachers and students moving to Australia. The aim of the book is to teach children the common terminology and procedures used in Australian schools. The ABC of Australian Schooling contains 28 pages and 104 terms relating to school life in Australia, each word is supported by an illustration or image to help you feel confident about going to school in Australia.

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